Hi, Lana! This is a birthday project made by Lana Parrilla Brasil (@BRLanaParrilla). Happy birthday!
Brazilians Evil Regal's Gift to You

As it’s become a yearly tradition, we (Evil Regals) have gathered to pay a well-deserved tribute to someone who inspires us, who makes us happy, and who fulfills our once dried and grey lives with color and bliss. It’s through these yearly projects that we have the opportunity to show a small bit of our huge love and gratitude that we have for Lana Parrilla.

This year, we’ve decided to invest on something that we know Lana supports with her whole heart and that she’d be happy to see that we’ve come together and put effort into it, because it means so much to her. This isn’t only a usual birthday video, it’s also a tribute to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust organization.

The LPBR team wishes you a happy birthday, Lana. Thank you for giving us strength to go on and for inspiring us daily to never give up on our dreams and on what we believe in. We hope this birthday project brighten up your day and fill your heart with love. We love you! - Lana Parrilla Brasil (@BRLanaParrilla)

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Meet Galla!
Along with Brazilian Evil Regals, we’ve raised money to adopt an elephant through The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust! Get to know more about Galla, a 15 month old baby elephant that’s been rescued next to the Tsavo East National Park! Get to know more about him:

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Our sincere thanks to all who contributed to this project,
and especially to all who made possible the adoption of Galla. Thank you!

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